“…sharing good news in bad times…”

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Through the years I have watched people live in defeat while trying to cause others to believe that everything is alright. Publicly they smile and show themselves friendly. They testify in Church services, and shout praises to the Lord as they share the powerful testimony. When service has ended they go back to the struggles of life, and manifest doubt, confusion, discouragement and pain everywhere they go and in everything they do. The people at work, do not enjoy their company. If anybody crosses them they are ready fight and argue. The only thing I know of that can fix this is prayer. That person needs to pray every day and call on the Lord with a sincere heart.

I hear people say, “I pray, but nothing seems to change.” The Word of God teaches us that it is the effectual prayers of a righteous person that gets the job done. If your prayers are not getting results, it is possible that you may need more information. Here is a video from a lesson I recently taught about prayer. Please watch the video and pay close attention to everything you hear.

Enjoy the blessings of the Ren Rutledge Global Ministries. No matter where you find yourself in the world you have high quality inspirational music and talk to enjoy. This is like having a powerful FM 24/7 Radio station next door. On your mobile device you may need to download and install adobe flash in order for this station to play. In addition to being on the air around the world 24/7 We also broadcast all Norwich Tabernacle services LIVE. Tune to the live worship 3:00 PM Sundays – 7:30 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays (All Times Eastern)

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